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TCB 380
Color Doppler Ultrasound System
TCB 380
Color Doppler Ultrasound System
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Need to buy diagnostic ultrasound unit but worried about how much it will cost you? Do not compromise superior quality with financial constraint. Check out this fashionably and elegantly designed diagnostic ultrasound system.

The Color Doppler Ultrasound System comes with exceptional and contemporary digital monitor, high-quality probes and image processing system. It offers a high level of reliability and stability in any diagnostic scan application, most particularly used for depth and flow measurements and investigations of moving surfaces. It finds principal application in fetal heart monitoring and peripheral blood flow measurements. This Color Doppler Ultrasound System is versatile and comprehensible because of its advanced digital technology features. The unit can readily linked to a USB port for a more accurate and high-resolution processing of images.

Additionally, this Color Doppler Ultrasound System is widely used in medical imaging for diagnosing disease states, kidney stones, gallstones and the position and age of fetus in obstetrics. Its Color Doppler technology is specially designed for detection of blood flow in the veins and arteries in the body. It comes with the most essential features and accessories to take full advantage of the unit.

  • Scanning techniques: electronic linear scanning, convex scanning, annular array sector scanning, Doppler pencil probes
  • Scan mode: 2D B MODE, TM M MODE, PW, CW, CFM
  • Display mode: single frame B, dual frame B, quad frame B, M or B plus M, CFM plus M, CFM plus PW
  • Monitor: 17 inches color monitor, 640x480 pixel resolution, PAL, NTEC compatible
  • Keyboard: back lighting, 10 software controlled function keys, tracking ball for TM, CW or PW line steering, PW gate positioning, CFM color window, focus point setting, annotation positioning, measurements and cine mode review, removable keyboard for cleaning
  • Screen Lay out: patient identification field, technical data field, measurement field, menu field, freeze mode indicator, cine loop memory indicator, annotation, image orientation indicator, body mark, ECG display, biopsy channel, CFM window
Digital Technology:
  • Digital signal process
  • Digital beam former
  • Digital parallel signal processing technology plus large scale IC processing framework
  • High quality space resolution plus contrast resolution; provide best images from near gain to far gain
  • Automatic frequency adjustment
  • Frequency automatically adjusts & adapts to the scanning depth
  • Frequency scope visualized and adjustable
Digital Technology:

   The quality of images of ultrasound diagnosis lies on the quality of imaging chain and matching of the chain. This Color Doppler Ultrasound Unit adopts the imaging chain technology, which will make the images clear and real.

  • High capability probe
  • Digital beam focus
  • Programmable image mode processing
  • High-resolution display
Probes and Accessories:
  • Probes for abdomen, cardiology, small parts, per vascular, pediatric, muscle cadre, endocavity, vaginal, rectum, trans cranial
  • Frequency band: 1.5 to 18MHz, multi frequency
  • Probe types: convex, linear, annular sector, pencil
  • Accessories: trans cranial, piercing shelf and surgery Doppler blood probe
Image Processing Technology:
  • Digital spectrum Doppler technology
  • Digital high frame processing technology
  • Large capacity cine loop
  • Complete measurement software bag
  • GYN software bag especially for Chinese women
Measure Scope:

   Used for adults and children per vascular, small parts, cardiology, abdomen, GYN, urology, pediatrics, endocrinology, etc.

Image Mode:
  • 2D, M Mode, pulse PW continuous CW high PRF, color CFM Energy image CPD
Display Mode:
  • Single
  • Dual
  • Quad
Fetal 3D reconstruction software:
  • Applicable to common abdomen probes
  • Easy 3D achievement
  • Instantaneous multiple plane 3D reconstruction MPR
  • Images can save common files from computer as JPG, BMP, GIG, etc.
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